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Short history of mobile gaming:

Since the first Tetris on the Hagenuk MT-2000, or the legendary Snake, the world of mobile gaming has evolved a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to get around. These apps are very often downloaded via a mobile operator’s network. Today, platforms gather most of the games in one place. One example is the Android Platform, the most widely used platform in the world. The first content downloadable by these platforms appeared in the 2000s… And since then, many things have changed. Indeed, thousands of different games are now offered to users. You should also know that most apps are accessible from your computer. Simply install an emulator to retrieve them. The increase in the number of games available will lead to an increase in the number of guides available. With the internet, it is now very easy to find hack or cheat tool for your favorite games.


Over time, the demand from customers to drive a very rapid expansion of these mobile games. Today we find games of all styles, for all ages. The diversity of the games on offer allows the user to never get bored.

Indeed, today’s way of life means that we have to wait often in our lives. For example, in the doctor’s waiting room, or for administrative procedures. Instead of waiting around for the game to start, many people prefer to play a game on their smartphones. Most of these games are free, but have integrated purchasing systems to speed up the game’s progress.

Thanks to our site, we offer our customers gaming hack and cheats to facilitate their progress on their favorite games. Unfortunately, we can’t satisfy everyone and write guides on all the games… Our team takes care of writing guides and finding hacks for the most popular games. Do not hesitate to ask us to write a guide on a game of your choice by contacting us.

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